加琳娜水疗酒店 Galina Hotel & Spa

位于芽庄海滩 (5 Hung Vuong, 芽庄, 越南) 显示地图
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Galina Hotel & Spa酒店位于芽庄(Nha Trang)中心,提供豪华住处、室外泳池与传统泥浴等活肤spa理疗服务,距离倍受欢迎的芽庄海滩(Nha Trang Beach)仅400米。 客人还可游览周边地区,例如相距均为300米的Tram Huong Tower塔和2/4 Square广场。酒店距离芽庄机场(Nha Trang Airport)27公里,可提供机场班车服务。 这家迷人的酒店提供装饰典雅的客房,且均配有空调、平面有线电视、迷你冰箱、地毯、市景或海景大窗户与连接浴室。 酒店提供桑拿设施(以供客人放松身心)、健身中心、旅游咨询台(提供游览信息)、免费班车服务、汽车/自行车租赁服务、24小时服务的前台、儿童俱乐部和会议设施。 餐厅供应越南当地美食和国际菜肴,还提供客房服务。

加琳娜水疗酒店 Galina Hotel & Spa

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    • 允许1名6岁以下的儿童,使用现有床铺的收费是每晚USD25。

    • 所有额外入住的6岁以下的儿童,加床的收费是每晚 USD 25 。

    • 所有额外入住的年龄较大的儿童或者成人,加床的收费是每晚 USD 25 。

    • 部分套餐不包含儿童早餐,以酒店安排为准。



• 允许1名6岁以下的儿童,使用现有床铺的收费是每晚USD25。

• 所有额外入住的6岁以下的儿童,加床的收费是每晚 USD 25 。

• 所有额外入住的年龄较大的儿童或者成人,加床的收费是每晚 USD 25 。

• 部分套餐不包含儿童早餐,以酒店安排为准。







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  • SPA 1家
    1Su Spa Serene Beauty


  • 地铁站 1家
    1Le Ngoc Thien Coach Ticket Dealer


  • 机场 1家
    1Nha Trang Airport


  • 餐馆 5家
    1Moka Cafe


    2Sushi Sakura Restaurant


    3Nhà Hàng Check Point


    4Khách sạn 3 sao C30 - Huy Hoàng





  • 环境:91.6

  • 设施:88.6

  • 服务:78.6

  • 位置:88.6

  • 性价比:82.6



  • SPA
  • 健身中心
  • 免费WiFi
  • 免费停车场
  • 室外游泳池
  • 机场班车
  • 英语服务
  • 24小时接待
  • 单点餐厅
  • 复印传真
  • 外币兑换
  • 客房早餐
  • 按摩
  • 旅游咨询
  • 票务
  • 自助餐厅
  • 酒吧
  • 餐厅
  • 会议设施
  • 无烟客房
  • 洗衣间
  • 电视
  • 礼品店
  • 私人海滩
  • 花园
  • 餐厅




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05:00 - 12:00 时










3 条评论:房间太爽了
2 条评论:很干净
2 条评论:大海很棒
2 条评论:设施很给力
1 条评论:无敌海景
1 条评论:适合家庭出游
1 条评论:出行方便
1 条评论:去景点很方便
  • 位置好,离海滩和新咖啡办公室都在100米之内,酒店房间不错,就是感觉前台不怎么热情
    —— Peng L.
  • Phong dep va rong , nam ngay trung tam thanh pho va cach bo bien o xa , tien cho viec di lai va an uong . Nhan vien phuc vu nhiet tinh vui ve . Nhung nhuoc diem cua phong la o cach am , co the nghe ro tieng on cua phong ben canh , minh bi mat ngu ca dem khi phong ben canh noi chuyen to . Ngoai ra cac dich vu trong khach san rat tot , massage , dich vu tam bun rat tuyet voi .
    —— Thanh T.
  • It was ok. At check out I had to wait for 15min because they couldnt find the towels I took to the pool and left there. I asked for a tax invoice but couldnt get one because I booked via a 3rd party. Just little things they annoyed me during my stay.
    —— Susanne C.
  • First and foremost, when you stay at a hotel, you are paying for two things.

    Sleep and rest.

    You want to be comfortable, undisturbed and rested.

    We did not get what we payed for in this case.

    The staff was very poorly trained. We suffered not one, but two random interruptions. The first one was a phone call well after we had checked in after a long journey and wanted to sleep. We were woken up.

    The second interruption was disturbing and at first, the hotel management refused to accept responsibility for what happened.

    It was 7AM, we had the door lock on, but a member of the Galina staff had a key and opened the door. The door would not fully open and the staff member was violently trying to force the door open.

    That's what we woke up to....

    The management initially refused to accept responsibility for this intrusion and suggested it was another guest?? Who presumably had a key, which would work on any door? I don't think so. They eventually accepted responsibility.

    In all, the hotel is a poor value and not worth the money.

    The pool is tiny. I have no idea why they'd invest in building such a big place with a tiny pool. There is no gym. The mud bath thing is a gimmick. If you want to experience a real mudbath, pay the $5 bucks and go up into the mountains. Even getting to the pool area requires a terrible runaround of elevators to figure out. The location is poor. The design is Vegas style cheesy. There are little mirrored mosaic pieces on the walls, which they have failed to remove the stickers on.

    Save yourself the hassle and go to the Novotel around the corner. It's way better value for $10 more for a professionally designed and run hotel.
    —— John M.
  • We stumbled upon this place by chance. We were looking for a spa mud bath package to spend the day doing. Priced at 650000 dong for the day it was a good deal for what we got. The only downside however was how we were treated by the staff. They had almost no English and after we had finished the treatments they made to clear they wanted us to leave instead of staying to use the pool, jacuzzi etc that were part of the all day package. Also the food that was included was very bad (frozen burnt pizza)
    —— kisssmeimirish
  • This review is for the spa and not the hotel. The Galina is a new hotel and spa in nha trang and they definitely have a few kinks to iron out but also some good points as well.
    I wanted a day of relaxation and an actual spa to relax in and not just a quick massage in a beauty parlour. I paid 1.260vnd (35£) for a package which entitled me to a private room with mud bath, steam and sauna, 60 minute facial and hydro bath plus a drink and snack which is expensive for Vietnam but still great value compared to western prices.
    Upon arrival the reception staff were very helpful and showed me the menu however there was a Russian lady (staff) screaming into her phone very loudly for the 20 minutes I was in the reception which doesn't portray the quiet and tranquility that you want from a spa.
    After changing I explained to the staff that I wanted to sunbathe by the pool for a few hours before my treatments which they allowed. The pool area is very nice and has lots of shade but they also need to focus on a few things:
    1) I was the only person in this area and because it wasn't busy all the staff seemed to congregate there and mess about- I get it wasn't busy but I'm still a customer and didn't really help me relax as it was noisy.
    2) I asked for a menu and the food on there isn't very spa like (pork ribs and chips, rice etc) I understand that I'm in a different country and I love to embrace local cuisines but I would have loved a healthier menu with Asian salads, sushi etc- -all food I have tasted and loved in Vietnam. I ended up having the grilled pork chop, chips and salad whilst nice it was very fatty and expensive for what it was.
    3) the sun loungers are not very comfortable- cushions needed
    After a few hours at the pool I started my treatments where I was showed to my private room which was beautifully decorated and had very relaxing music. I started with my mud bath which was great- perfect temperature. I was all about to fall asleep until my therapist came in to set up for my facial and left the door open each time which was difficult for privacy but also let in all the noise in from the lobby. I understand the room needs to be set up but this happened 3 times and I lost my relaxation.
    After 20 minutes in the mud bath I got out and went to get in my private steam room which I then found to be broken- I rang the bell 3 times and nobody came so then had to go out into the lobby soaking wet from my shower, in a towel and ask for some help. I then had to have 3 maintenance men come in to fix it whilst I waited who were all talking very loudly and again I just couldn't relax.
    After eventually getting my steam and sauna my therapist came in for my facial which was fantastic and very relaxing- for the first 20 minutes. After which the power went off- I have been enough places to know this happens often in Vietnam and can't be helped but it happened 3 times but to be fair to my therapist this didn't deter her and she remained professional.
    Unfortunately after the 3rd time it seemed to knock my air con off permanently and it became so hot I had to kick off the towels and sheet covering me. Whilst all of this was happening somebody came into the room to run my hydro bath which seemed to be having a few problems so to fix this they kept turning the valve on and off for 25 minutes of my facial which made a very unpleasant and very loud noise- it sounded like somebody was gargling and spitting repeatedly!!! Unfortunately with the heat and the noise it kinda ruined my relaxation. I also had a number of people come into the room to look and also try to speak to my therapist- whilst she was giving me a facial!!!!!!
    At the end my snack and drink were brought in which were nice (watermelon juice and a pizza) but about halfway through a lady came in and just stood there and watched me so I took this as they wanted me to leave which I did.
    Overall the Galina has great facilities and therapists to become a fantastic spa- one which you don't mind paying more money for but they need to work on their atmosphere and ensuring that it is r
    —— gearedup2go
  • So as two backpackers who had saved some money during our 1 month trip to Vietnam and so decided to 'splash out' £39 at the Galina - best decision we made! Staff were so polite and professional, hotel was in a great location, the hotel manager personally greeted us as we were the first customers to book online apparently! Breakfast buffet was a good selection - bacon and sausages weren't the best but fresh fruit and omelettes made to order made up for that. Overall a wonderful end to our trip and will certainly return if we visit again! Also the spa was lovely - mud baths were given to us free of charge (again due to being the first online bookers) but we would have paid to use them - massages in the spa were the best we had in Vietnam also (and trust me, we tried a lot of massages!) all in all great value for a 4* hotel!
    —— Rebekah369
  • This is to introduce Tourists to Nha Trang, Vietnam to this new 4 star Hotel. It is located on Hung Vuong Street, close to many facilities like shops, restaurants, beach etc, It is a beautifully designed hotel, extensive use of marble everywhere, with Bars, Restaurants for the comfort of the guests. Accommodation in rooms with ocean views or city views. Also caters for Conferences, private meetings and weddings. With 12 levels of accommodation, the hotel is serviced with modern fast lifts to all floors. Currently in operation, and should be fully operational by September 2014.
    —— surfair
  • Booked 2 rooms for 3 nights at the Galina, one standard and one two-room Suite. Both were fantastic in its cleanliness, amenities and décor. Nothing to complain about with the rooms, except for the fact that the curtains in the bathroom are opaque, so a figure of the person can still be seen when using it. Great for honeymooners, no doubt, but uncomfortable for everyone else. Hotel is situated in a great location with restaurants, banks and even a convenience store nearby. Beach is a short 5-10 walk, and the hotel provides free loungers. There is a large plaza, a night market, and a park nearby with free exercise equipment on the beach, though geared more for the elderly. Breakfast buffet was good as well, with American, Vietnamese and Russian fare.

    I must say I'm a little confused about the pool and gym situation. I booked the hotel because of the pictures of its pool, which was a must-have for me, and a gym for a good workout. Upon arrival, it seems that the pool pictured was part of their spa, and only after paying for the spa can one use to pool/hot-tubs. I may be wrong, since I didn't use the spa, but it sure seems that way. Stumbled one night onto another pool near the top of the building that seemed free, but the whole place was dark with construction still going on around it. I wasn't sure if I was even allowed to go there, but did anyways. Gym was also nearby, but it only had 3 pieces of cardio equipment and the whole room was still under construction. Again, not sure if it was even open.

    It seems the hotel is not operating a 100% capacity yet, so one should look somewhere else if these two things are important. However, the spa (as I can see it below from my room) looked amazing and probably the nicest and largest spa in the area. I'm not a spa person, unfortunately, but if you are, this is the place to book.
    —— quangk2013
  • It's ok
    —— Quang V.

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